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Equipment leasing

Equipment leasing is one of the most convenient ways of enhancing enterprise assets in comparison with other ways of acquiring equipment (payment on delivery day, installment and adjournment price purchase, bank credit and e.t.c.) and has a number of advantages:

  • Leasing equipment gives ample opportunity to the enterprise-lessee to enlarge its manufacturing and set the equipment maintenance without large expenses and demand loan.
  • Equipment given in rent is profitable for the lessee in the way the financial means are dispersed as it becomes possible to significantly cut the tax base by optimizing tax pay-offs.
  • Equipment purchase in leasing with all other conditions being equal can cover all leasing payments itself and bring profit to the enterprise in first months.
  • New leasing equipment payback time is two times shorter than the period of its net use including the advanced depreciation index.

ZAO "ALK"Energopromleasing" company gives in rent different types of all-purpose equipment:

  • manufacturing, processing and power equipment leasing for energy enterprises;
  • motor, construction and special engineering leasing as well as for municipal housing economy needs;
  • manufacturing and office equipment leasing;
  • rolling stock leasing;
  • real estate leasing.

Our company’s overall scheme of giving equipment in rent in a number of steps:

  1. The choice of the equipment the lessee wants.
  2. Conclusion of leasing agreement with the lessee and sell and buy agreement with the equipment seller.
  3. Lessee’s advance payment.
  4. Getting in rent the equipment for a leasing period.
  5. 5. Upon the expiry date and after all payments the equipment’s ownership is transferred to the lessee.
  6. ZAO "ALK"Energopromleasing" company can work with clients all over Russia and give in rent any liquid equipment.

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